The second beta release of Monkeysign is now available in the git repository. After almost a year of bugfixing and tests, I am confident enough in monkeysign to use it all the time to sign keys.

Monkeysign is a user-friendly tool to easily and securely exchange OpenPGP key certifications. See the website for more information.

After getting bugs reported (thanks micah and simon!) on 0.6 and even git head, I figured it would be useful to properly test the UI. So I added tests for the commandline interface. They are far from complete, as UI are particularly hard to unit test, but things should be in much better shape now.

Monkeysign is still incomplete: before releasing a 1.0 version, we wish to provide ways for the community to translate the interface and, more importantly, fix an important bug where keys are not sent and encrypted individually when signing multiple key ids.

The code is only available through git right now, but a Debian package should enter the unstable archive soon. Use the following to get the code:

git clone git://

Complete changelog:

  • fix crash when key not found on keyservers
  • use a proper message in outgoing emails
  • unit tests extended to cover user interface
  • import keys from the local keyring before looking at the keyserver
  • fix print/save exports (thanks Simon!)
  • don't depend on a graphical interface
  • update copyright dates and notices
  • mark as priority: optional instead of extra