Monkeysign 1.1 released!

After an overwhelming response and usability testing from a wide variety of users, I am happy to announce the release of Monkeysign 1.1, which fixes over 7 different issues detected in the 1.0 release and improves SMTP support significantly.

Monkeysign is a user-friendly tool to easily and securely exchange OpenPGP key certifications. See the homepage for more information.

To install monkeysign on Debian unstable, simply run:

sudo apt-get install monkeysign

Testing and stable currently have the 1.0 release and will be updated within 10 days to the new 1.1 release if no critical bugs are found.

For users of other Linux distributions, use:

git clone git://
cd monkeysign
sudo ./ install --record=install.log

For more information, see the homepage.

Detailed list of changes since monkeysign-1.0:

  • improved SMTP support:
    • SMTP username and passwords can be passed as commandline arguments
    • SMTP password is prompted if not specified
    • use STARTTLS if available
    • enable SMTP debugging only debugging is enabled
  • show the unencrypted email with --no-mail (Closes: #720049)
  • warn when gpg-agent is not running or failing (Closes: #723052)
  • set GPG_TTY if it is missing (Closes: #719908)
  • bail out on already signed keys (Closes: #720055)
  • mention monkeyscan in the package description so it can be found more easily
  • fix python-pkg-resources dependency
  • don't show backtrace on control-c
  • add missing files to .gitignore (Closes: #724007)
  • ship with a neat little slideshow to make presentations
  • fix some typos (Closes: #722964)
  • add --cert-level option (Closes: #722740)