I have released Monkeysign 2.0.0 just in time for Debian Jessie. The rationale is that there were a few bugfixes and UI improvements in this new release that I would prefer to ship in the next Debian stable rather than hope for a rewrite in the short term.

This 2.0.0 release ships with an almost complete french translation, improvements to the GnuPG interface, image import, a simplified a more robust interface and SMTP bugfixes. Starting with this release, Semantic Versionning will be used to track new releases, and patch releases will be targeted at LTS operating system (right now only Debian Jessie is supported). A branch was created for 2.0.0 and will be maintained for security fixes as long as possible while further development will happen on the 3.x branch, with possible backports to the 2.x branch.

Monkeysign is a user-friendly tool to easily and securely exchange OpenPGP key certifications. See the homepage for more information.

To install monkeysign on Debian unstable, simply run:

sudo apt-get install monkeysign

Testing and stable currently have the 1.1 release and will be updated within 10 days to the new 2.0 release if no critical bugs are found.

For users of other Linux distributions, use:

git clone git://git.monkeysphere.info/monkeysign
cd monkeysign
sudo ./setup.py install --record=install.log

For more information, see the homepage.

Detailed list of changes since monkeysign-1.2:

  • new features:
    • implement qrcode image import, to allow people without webcams to import pictures from a trusted camera - the images must be signed with a detached signature on pain of a ugly warning with instructions.
    • move to bugs-everywhere instead of that crazy TODO file
    • udate french translation
  • usability improvements:
    • interface simplified: only the qrcode and webcam with instructions
    • all options moved to menus, including the print/save buttons, the video and identity dropdowns
    • properly handle exceptions in gtk UI
    • avoid duplicate camera listing and display nicer name (Closes: #718796)
    • create a set of mockups for a UI redesign and API documentation rendered at http://monkeysign.readthedocs.org/
  • bug fixes:
    • fix "Content-description" to be more useful (Closes: #723677)
    • support monkeysign --version", thanks to Gabriel Fillion (Closes: #725113)
    • add debugging info from smtp connection, thanks to Gabriel Filion (Closes: #756540)
    • some improvements were done in the GnuPG library to work around certain GnuPG corner cases and describe problems better
    • install monkeyscan command as a symlink properly (Closes: #743150)
  • switch to long term support strategy for the 2.0.x release in preparation for Debian Jessie